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Leduc gives 0. From Watson's value for the density, and Burt's value given below for the pressure compressibility coefficient, it follows from the method of limiting densities that the molecular weight of neon is Leduc's value is The refractivity of neon was given by Ramsay and Travers as 0.

Cuthbertson, namely, 1. Puerto Rican Cultural Critique. University of Illinois Press, Your browser does not support the video tag. Systems Press, Inc,, Princeton, Computer Science Press, The download higher spark spectra of neon of Society.

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Ive been able to resell my demo equipment and recoup a lot of my dollars that would have been lost. Thank you, Doug!

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Consider using Ghost Tape on the woods in your shop! I figured that routing mains wiring to the front of the case near the filtered DC output would definatly have an effect, but is the bulb in the back any kind of bother, say compared to a regular resistive lamp?

Interesting question. Does a neon bulb draw a dc current?

Physical Properties of Neon

Some of the ones that I have seen seem to flicker when they are lit. Do you have an oscilloscope and a neon bulb? No longer active here - try the IRC channel if you just can't be without me. Quote from: cp on June 28, , am.

Spectral Lines of Hydrogen, Helium, Mercury Vapor and Neon

You're a function generator, MOSFET, inductor, capacitor and diode away from having a power supply that can light up a neon. For what it's worth, I have a couple very low noise power supplies that use neon indicators right on the front panel, with no filtering of the power or shielding for the mains wires running to the lamps. I don't know how noisy a neon lamp is, but I don't think it's going to be an issue.

Yes, they produce a lot of excess noise compared to a resistor. No, they don't radiate enough to worry about. Neon bulb creating noise There is two different thing between neon bulb and spark gap, the neon lamp is low pressure gas discharge bulb, where electrons collide with atoms, making it lose electrons and when it regains electrons back, it emits light that is specific to the element used, while the spark gap relies on a pure electrical arc that creates a wide spectrum of energy, including UV radiation and lot of noise.

There is no need to worry about neon bulb indicator, it is not as noisy as silicone Si semiconductors like rectifier diodes, only little bit more than a resistor, but it is too insignificant to be a problem, mate.