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Poisoning with malicious or criminal intent: characteristics and outcome of patients presenting for emergency care. Gauthey M(1), Capua M(2).

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Modern Management of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding – Bóksalan

View abstract. By Michael Zinger. By D Keith Edmonds.

By Margaret CP Rees. By Diana Mansour.

Heavy menstrual bleeding: assessment and management

By Erik Qvigstad, Olav Istre. By Andrew I Brill. By David C Hunter. By Britt Friberg. By Nicholas C Sharp. By Adolf Gallinat. By Mark H Glasser. By Andrea S Lukes. By Kevin Jones. By Michael J Gannon. By Charles E Miller. AccessBiomedical Science. AccessEmergency Medicine. Case Files Collection. Clinical Sports Medicine Collection. Davis AT Collection. Davis PT Collection. Murtagh Collection.

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Butler J. Jennifer R. Butler, et al. Accessed September 22, Download citation file: RIS Zotero. Reference Manager.

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding part 3-- gynecology

Autosuggest Results. Expand All Sections. What is the differential diagnosis of acute AUB? What is the next step for determining the cause of AUB? What is the initial treatment plan for control of bleeding? Sign In. Username Error: Please enter User Name. Password Error: Please enter Password.