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Seeth and Kerwin, both high schoolers 'meet' Izmir and Rail another alien. Rail is being chased by other aliens and the four of them steal a van. There were two teenagers in the back.

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Miranda becomes part of the team and they end up traipsing about the galaxy trying to avoid bad guys looking to steal Izmir. There were times Izmir is a being with one blue eye that can take any shape. There were times when the book dragged a bit and other times where it was quite good. Overall, this is a good book for fans of space-related science fiction. Dec 29, Allen Lyons rated it really liked it. The story is a snowball that just gets bigger and faster as it rolls. It starts with Seeth, a punk rocker in 's Albuquerque.

His snowball collects Kerwin when he visits the bowling alley. Kerwin is trying to conduct research for a school paper. But Seeth just wants to annoy him. When they see a mysterious bowler at the far end, the snowball rolls even faster. After Seeth distracts a pair of cops from arresting this bowler, two are now three. Come to find out, the bowler and the bowling ball The story is a snowball that just gets bigger and faster as it rolls.

Come to find out, the bowler and the bowling ball are aliens. And the cops chasing them are actually a rival race. Rail reveals himself as a green shape-shifter.

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And Izmir can defy all the laws of physics — A bowling ball is just one of many forms he can take. These Oomemians want Izmir. But Rail won't let them have him. So Rail hotwires a van, and Seeth and Kerwin tag along. They collect another passenger when they learn that the van wasn't empty. Miranda is an air-head who cares for nothing but shopping.

But when the snowball is at its biggest, she proves to know more than she lets on. Rail takes them to his ship, and then to Alvin, a city planet. But he creates a sense of wonder when he describes the levels of this planet.

Each layer plunges further to the core. Within each layer is another society. Then after you think the snowball couldn't get any bigger, they go back out to space. With each race that's after Izmir, the microscope is put on these oblivious humans.

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And each race just sees the last one as colonies of insects. It's too bad there isn't a sequel to Glory Lane. With how deep this book got, sequels could explore a universe just as expansive as Foster's other stomping grounds. Dec 23, Scott rated it liked it.

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Humurous SciFy similar to Hitchhiker's Guide. A nice mental vacation while also answering many of our deepest questions: what really happened to the Neanderthals, how many dimensions are there? Jun 15, Kim rated it liked it. Very strange tale. I did feel the author didn't know how to finish. Jul 04, Elmo Hidalgo rated it liked it. But i wouldn't re-read it in the near future.

Nov 10, Ian rated it it was amazing. I loved this book a long time ago Mar 20, Bradley rated it liked it.

Funny and inventive. Not a bad tale. Jul 28, Jan rated it liked it. I read this as a teenager and had been enthralled but as an adult - not so much. ADF is an excellent author yet this dragged more than I wanted.

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Still good. Jun 05, Frankie Saxx rated it it was amazing Shelves: really-good-books. It's been ages since I read this book. It's still pretty great. Jul 10, Crystal Starr Light rated it it was amazing Shelves: science-fiction , so-good-it-s-awesome , simply-the-best. I tried Codgerspace but was unimpressed. Nonetheless, I decided to plug through this highly rated book.

Plot: Seeth is a punk rocker. Kerwin is a college student.

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Miranda is a blonde bombshell. This trio meets up with Arthwit Rail, an alien in possession of Izmir, a strange being that no one is quite sure of. When Rail is chased by Oomenians who want Izmir back, the three humans are whisked away to a wide expansive world possessing more aliens than imaginable, shopping sprees beyond imagination, science this world has only dreamed of, and a five-way war over the strange thing that keeps tagging along.

Will these three humans survive and who will gain control over Izmir? This is a positively awesome book. From the characters, to the plot, to the pacing, to the science, there is very little that is wrong with this book. From the moment that we meet Seeth, I was hooked. Seeth was an absolutely awesome character, portrayed perfectly. Not quite good and completely different from the middle-class ideal, Seeth is such a convincing persona, he outshines his other two counterparts.

Miranda actually acts like a ditz most of the time--see below and Kerwin is a nerd in a new sense--non-science i. Next, the plot was perfect! Each action led to the next, was unique but not confusing and was overall amusing. Watching how the three are introduced Kerwin and Seeth in the bowling alley, Miranda and the two in the car Rail steals , how they land on an alien world, how they shop, what they have to do to make money, all these little incidents are absolutely perfectly intertwined to make a completely satisfying story.

The pacing was also perfect. Not too much time is spent on Earth, no large gaps occur in time, and Foster doesn't get bogged down in long expository scenes that serve only to explain every detail that the audience doesn't get which, by the way, Foster again does perfectly. I enjoyed how they understood so much more than the humans although I did get tired of the human downplaying.

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Lastly, the science! And boy, is there a world of science. From new alien species that defy the almost-human aliens to the new spaceships to the unique spacetime wormholes used by the Halets, the aliens actually are aliens! I loved the new battle warfare between computers!