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About Ralph McInerny. Ralph McInerny. Ralph Matthew McInerny was an American Catholic religious scholar and fiction writer, including mysteries and science fiction. As a mystery writer he is best known as the creator of Father Dowling. Rejected by publishers, the author went ahead and had 3, copies printed by Aivia Press in and distributed them to libraries and book stores around Berkeley, California. It is again under consideration for a possible TV series, so there is bound to be another resurgence of interest in this book.

She had 3, copies printed by A.

McINERNY, Ralph 1929–

Clayton in ; they had never even published a book before. Her books sold like hotcakes, and soon publisher Bobbs-Merrill decided her book was a winner and published it in They issued several revised editions right up until It was picked up by Scribner in and published in its Sixth Revised form. Another best seller which began as a self-published run was Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. He had 3, copies printed in softcover by Satori Publishing in and began selling them out of the trunk of his car.

The mystical story of a journey to discover and understand nine spiritual insights which appeared on an ancient manuscript in Peru, the story captivated readers. Lawrence, and Walt Whitman. So if you come across a writer selling books out of the car boot, you may want to take a second look …it could turn out to be a rare success, and a rare original edition of the next big hit.

One of the most delightful sub-genres of mystery books, and a natural favorite for book lovers, is the Bibliomystery. What is a Bibliomystery? Any mystery novel involving books, manuscripts, book collectors, booksellers, libraries , authors or other book- related settings or characters.

There are a surprising number of titles to be enjoyed and collected in this niche.

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Set in Brooklyn, New York, The Haunted Bookshop features an eccentric but lovable bookseller what other kind is there?? But there are truly some strange things going on in the stacks, and a rollicking mystery unfolds. The first edition is very collectible and scarce when found in very good condition in a like dustjacket. No mystery here, but lots of light book-related fun. In this story, a bookseller and his wife attempt to solve a murder involving the frame-up of a man who stole rare and valuable books which are still missing two years after the crime.

It was made into a film in starring Melvyn Douglas and Florence Rice.

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Marco Page was the pseudonym of author Harry Kurnitz , an American playwright, producer, screenwriter and reviewer. The Cliff Janeway character is an ex-cop turned book seller, who winds up getting drawn into cases of rare book theft, murder and mayhem. One can actually learn some very useful information about rare and collectible books while reading Dunning, who peppers his books with factual information on collectible books and authors.

Bernie is a bookseller by day, and a gentleman burglar by night, making for quite an interesting life. Although the emphasis is on the burglary, it is fun to read his comments on his daytime career as a used book shop proprietor in Manhattan. Once in awhile he even sells some books. Bernie is a lovable kind of guy; even if he does enjoy breaking and entering, you find yourself forgiving him and enjoying the ride. Both characters Bernie Rhodenbarr and Cliff Janeway leave their shops unattended way too often as they go rambling around in search of adventure and intrigue, leaving one to wonder who is minding the store!

Murder in the Bookshop by Carolyn Wells was originally published in by J. Lippincott, a rare book in the first edition, but is scarce even in the later. Still is now, as far as most of us are concerned. However, when the police discover that a rare volume worth a hundred grand is missing, other people and varying motives add to the complexity of the case. An historical mystery set in Barcelona and the world of antiquarian books just after World War II, it exudes romance and the mystical power of books.

These are just a few prime examples of wonderful mystery novels focusing on the world of books. To search for bibliomysteries available for purchase, try using bibliomystery as a keyword in book searches at bookfinder. For many of us in the North, the snow is swirling, the temperatures have dipped below freezing, and the nights have become long.

Father Dowling Mysteries

Oddly enough, I have found that reading about authentic struggles with winter weather can bring about an instant attitude adjustment. Mike , and the challenges we face become laughable. Mike by Benedict and Nancy Freedman. Romance, laughter, drama, good vs.

The story begins in when Katherine Mary Flanagan, age sixteen, is shipped off by train from Boston to a remote area of Alberta, Canada to live with her uncle in the hope she will find relief from her health problems in the cold clean air. There is a great scene where she makes a bid for his affection by attempting to bake a currant pie for him, which turns into a hilarious disaster. Eventually they fall in love and marry. Moving deeper into the wilderness, they experience together every imaginable adversity nature can throw at them as they serve the needs of the people in every corner of the territory, most often with hardy good humor and optimistic resolve.

Told in the first person, the story walks us through the ever-present danger they face from life-threatening cold, illness, forest fires, and predators as they raise children and carve out a tough but rewarding life for themselves in the north.

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Made into a movie starring Dick Powell and Evelyn Keyes, the film makes enjoyable viewing. But the book is far superior in creating a vivid account of a rich panorama of life set in a cold vast wilderness.

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On the north side of the train the windows were plastered with snow, and on the south side great clouds of snow were whipped along by a sixty-mile gale. There was snow on top of the train and snow under the train, and all the snow there was left in the world in front of the train, which was why we were stopped. I looked out the window, but it was no snowplow I could see, nor the road to Regina, nor even the coach in front of us, but only whirling, boiling, rushing gray-white snow.

When it snows like that, you can stick your head out of the window and all you see is the nearest snowflake. You can walk two steps out your door and never find your way back to the house. Ever- popular, and easy to find at a reasonable price, Mrs. Mike is a treasure that bears re-reading again and again, and it is a book that has always flown off our shelves.

I highly recommend it for chasing away the winter blues! With the economy in a downward slide, financial Thomas Aquinas scholar and author of the Father Dowling mystery series, Ralph McInerny turns his attentions to the seedier side of life with As Good As Dead, in which a hit man hired by a dying woman finds his job complicated by two unwelcome Although the unflappable Father Dowling plays a fairly slender role in his 16th case, fans of the sleuthing priest will surely welcome the heftier-than-usual read McInerny provides here.

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Margaret Sinclair, peppery scion of a wealthy small-town When Constance Farley Rush leaves her infant son in a basket at Fr. Dowling's church, she means to accuse her ex-husband, Peter Rush, of plotting to kidnap the baby. But as McInerny's 11th mystery develops, someone kills Rush, presenting the priest Set in Wyler, Ind.

But the killer bungles the job In the latest Andrew Broom mystery, an entertaining excursion into the small Indiana community of Wyler on the Tippecanoe River, the prolific author of the Father Dowling series introduces a disparate cast and then deftly connects them. Lawyer Broom'. In McInerny's tedious 25th Father Dowling mystery after 's Blood Ties , the detective-cum-priest is stunned when his old classmate, Gregory Barrett, now a popular NPR personality, is accused of a decades-old sexual dalliance with a The latest mystery from McInerney Judas Priest , a competent, unremarkable addition to his Father Dowling series, has the glib neatness of a pilot for a TV series.

Although Dowling has serious reservations about the verdict, his friend Phil Fans of academic whodunits will find much to chuckle over in this fourth Notre Dame mystery On This Rockne, etc. A series In McInerny's 20th Father Dowling mystery in 24 years, the pensive, perceptive priest figures out a not very difficult case involving three seemingly separate murders that affect his St.

Isolated by demographic changes, St. Hilary's of Fox River, Ill. When the archdiocese decides to close half a Fans of McInerny's Abracadaver Father Dowling series, especially those who abhor the young nun assistant added for the TV show, will be delighted with this tale that mixes corporal sins with questions of theology. A seminary friend of Dowling's,. More from pw. The Most Anticipated Books of Fall PW Picks: Books of the Week. Children's Announcements.

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